How to Hang Your Heavy Bag?

Either you bought yourself a new heavy bag or you are planning on getting one. It's very important that you'll strategically perform the following steps in order to do it right. If not, you might cause some serious damage around the house. The process of installing a heavy bag is pretty straight forward, just make sure you to follow some rules and precautions. Now, let's get to it.

There are few ways of hanging your bag and each of them has its pros and cons. Make sure to pick the right way for you, according to your location, budget, and the heavy bag itself.

Wall Mounts - This way relatively easy to install and it's great if you don't have lots of extra space at home. Usually, when you buy a wall mount you'll get all the hardware and instructions you need to install it. Wall mounts can come in the veracity of styles, height adjustments and options like pull-up bars and side folding.

Wall Mount Hanger

Ceiling / Beam Mounts - The most common way to hang a heavy bag. This way is a little more complicated to install but it's better for training, allowing to hang the bag in a middle of a room and from different heights.

    Ceiling Mount Hanger

    Heavy Bag Stands - Heavy bag stands are perfect for those who want to be able to move the bag when necessary but still keep the ability to hang it with its full weight (unlike free standing heavy bags that "sacrifice" weight over mobility & stability).
      Heavy Bag Stand

      Free Standing Heavy Bags - This is a complete alternative to hanging your bag. Using free standing heavy bags you can easily move or disassemble your bag. Those bags are very simple to use and great for cardio training. The biggest disadvantage to this method is the weight distribution of the bag which is centered at the base of the bag instead of along the bag like traditional heavy bags. If you don't want to put any efforts and just get a new bag, this might be perfect for you. Read more about free standing heavy bags.

      Free Standing Heavy Bag

        Now, after examining all of your options, and choosing your method of hanging here is how to do it (Relevant for wall mounts & ceiling mounts).

        1. Decide Where To Hang It.

        Make sure you pick the right place. Usually, it's permanent and if it's a good one it will last for years to come. The most common places are garages, basements, and workrooms. The key factors you need to think about when picking the right location are:

        Noise - When you hit it it's going to make some noise, try to find a place that is sound proof or just outside the hearing range of others.

        Space - Make sure there is enough room around your bag so you can practice footwork and let the bag swing a little to practice your movement. Ideally, find a place with some spare space 360 degrees around the bag, if you'll hang it in a corner you'll be very limited with your practice options. 

        Objects - Pick a place without anything that might fall, break or get damaged in any way by the bag movement. On the other hand, Make sure there are no sharp objects that might rip your bag.

        Outside - A word about picking a place outside the house. Lots of people can't find a decent place and eventually hang it outside. If you do, try to avoid exposure to the sun and rain as much as possible. If you have a porch or any kind of roof that would block nature effects, that will be best and should enable the bag to last.

        2. Find a Stable Support Surface - Extremely Important!

        After finding the best hanging method and location for your bag, it's now time to find a strong and stable surface to hang your mount. If you use a ceiling mount you should look for a support beam by knocking on the ceiling or using a stud finder. Make sure the beam can carry at least 4 times the weight of the bag as a precaution. Mark the center of the beam.
        Hanging your bag on a weak beam might cause some serious damage, the beam might collapse, the bag might fall and you might get injured. Make sure to follow this step very carefully or call for a professional help.

        As for wall mount hangers, make sure to only use them on solid concrete, don't use it on wood or gypsum. I mean, if you care about your wall.

        3. Drill And Assemble The Mount.

        This step is pretty straight forward. It will change according to the hanger. The hanger will usually contain the necessary hardware and instructions. You can find a lot of videos on youtube about it. According to the holes on the ceiling mount or the wall mount drill holes (with the same or little smaller diameter than the holes) in the beam/wall. Double check that you're still on the support beam (if the beam is covered).
        Then screw the screws into the holes and tighten the nuts from the other side if you can. Another great option is to use sleeve anchors to increase the solidity of the mount.

        4. Hang The Heavy Bag & Quick Quality Check.

        Use a friend to hold the bag while you hang it (let him carry the weight). Then give it some swings to make sure the hanger and the swivel aren't moving and the entire structure looks solid. Then hit is a few times and makes sure it's all steady & solid.

        Great, There you have it, now you know how to hang your heavy bag. If you have any more questions please write them down so we can answer! 

        If you have any questions make sure to ask them in the comment section below and we'll make sure to answer all of them!

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