Choosing Your Rashguard

Rashguards were invented in Australia and originally made for swimming, soon they found their way into the MMA & BJJ world. The main use for rashguards in contact sports is to prevent cuts, mat burns and reduce sweat sharing. Today, however, rashguards have become a part of the fighting sports culture and you can find it in many styles and designs.

Rashguards Materials

Rashguards are made mainly from polyester or spandex because of they're very light weight, comfort, and dry fast. Rashguards can have long sleeves as well as short-sleeves. It's a matter of personal preference, long sleeves protect your arms better. If you train in a hot place or just sweat a lot, go for short-sleeves.

Rashguards are not a must for your training, but it'll just make your life much easier. Many people train with regular t-shirts, the problem about it is that t-shirt can get soaked with sweat pretty fast while rashguards don't, t-shirts get ripped pretty easily and rashguards stay tight to your body and usually prevent ripping from happening.

Rashguards Pricing

About pricing, you can find cheaper rashguards from around $20 - $30 a piece, the quality might not be amazing but it should be good enough for your training. There are a lot of special unique features that some of our brands are proud to promote but again, you can find some cheap rashguards that will be good for your training. So, why would you get a rashguard for $70? The only reason is that those rashguards Simply looks awesome! 
It's a matter of fashion especially if you train a lot and your training are cemented as a part of your lifestyle, you probably want to look good. Just like jeans, you can get one for $20 and you can get one for $100, and the difference isn't going to be the quality.

                                             Title Boxing $35 Rashguard                               $75 "Robo" Rashguard By Fuji

Title Pro Compress Long-Sleeve Rashguard                Fuji "Robo" Rashguard

Check-List For Rashguards

If you do decide to get branded MMA / BJJ rashguards and willing to put out the money, there are a few features you better make sure your rashguard has:

  • Flexible flatlock stitching.
  • High-quality sublimation artwork (that basically means that the design won't go off in the washing machine).
  • You want to look for a rashguard that is made out of moisture-wicking fabric.
  • Rubberized inner waistband to keep the waistband in place while training.
  • A design you like!

Washing & Cleaning Rashguards

Before executing the following instructions, check the rashguard's label and see if there are any special instructions regarding the washing process. As a general rule of thumb:

  • Set your washing machine to the lowest temperature possible.
  • Set the wringing to the lowest amount possible.
  • As for the detergent, we recommend pouring half of the usual quantity.
  • Some recommend washing the rashguard from the inside out to keep the design from peeling.
  • Air dry your rashguard, if it's a good one it should be almost dry when you take it out and if not, it should get dry real fast.
  • If you do use the dryer, set it to the lowest heat, let it run for one circle and don't use a dryer sheet.

This is all you need to know about rashguards. Feel free to visit our Rashguards Collection! We are proud to hold over 100 Designed rashguards of all price ranges, all by the leading brands in the industry! 

If you have any other questions or comments just write them in the comment section below and we'll make sure to answer each and every one of you. 

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